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NŌKÉ (pronounce NOKaaay) was created with our granddaughter in mind because when she says,"no" she says, "Noke."

This bar is gentle, moisturizing and contains NO essential oils, okay!  The ingredients include Avocado oil and Mango seed butter. Avocado oil is perfect for sensitive skin as it is very gentle with mild cleansing properties. Mango seed butter along with Avocado oil are high in oleic acid which adds to the conditioning, moisturizing and lather silkiness of the bar. Oils higher in oleic acid can help with dry and sensitive skin, reducing skin sensitivity. 

NŌKÉ is our choice for babies as well as those with eczema, psoriasis, and very dry and sensitive skin. 

"I've been dealing with eczema my whole life and it's nice to find a product that cleans and doesn't irritate my skin!"        - Fletch 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil *, Avocado Oil*, Mango Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Distilled Water, Castor Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide**

*Certified Organic

**None remains after saponifying oils into soap

Approximate weight of each bar is 4.5 oz.

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