"Sweet Flower Organics is the only face lotion that has been able to keep my face moisturized throughout the winter months.  I used to use pure coconut or almond oil but even those needed to be reapplied.  This lotion stays with you all day but is still light enough to wear in the summer. It's the only lotion my husband will use and I even started putting it on my four month olds face.  The purity of the ingredients with a whipped consistency is so delightful I have to restrain from using it all over! Perhaps a body lotion in the future?" - Heidi 

"I’ve had sensitive skin and struggled with eczema for most of my adult life. Over the years various doctors and dermatologists have prescribed different treatments in the form of steroid creams and some over-the-counter solutions. These only seem to appease the outbreaks and have no preventative qualities. Plus I know they are bad for me! 
The Sweet Flower Organics moisturizer offers an alternative to prescription creams that I can trust. After using the moisturizer for 4 weeks I have been able to cut way back on the prescription creams, hopefully soon I can discard them entirely!"  - Danielle 
"I love Sweet Flower Organic's Moisturizer. I love the weight and the fragrance. It's a great face cream and eye cream!" - Kim
"I was lucky enough to have been a trial person for Kim when she was just starting to perfect her Sweet Flower cream. I immediately became addicted to it, and it replaced my current moisturizer and eye cream!  I had a slight panic when I learned that she was leaving for a few months and bought 3 jars! Love it!" - Peggy
"Sweet Flower Organics instantly became my favorite face cream. It makes my skin feel refreshed with every use. It also gives my skin a healthy glow, which carries on throughout the day. I no longer need to bring my facial cream with me to work, Sweet Flower Organics keeps my face moisturized throughout the entire day."  -Chelsea
" I am so pleased with this moisturizer! Is works well with my very sensitive skin leaving my skin glowing and subtle with pure moisture! I wear it in the morning over an Spf serum. And then then when I put it on at night, the lavender smell is a welcomed aroma to help me relax and go to sleep! My husband likes to wear it at night too, especially in the winter dry months."  -Phoebe
"I LOVE your moisturizer!!"  -Sarah
"I suffer from psoriasis and unfortunately get dry inflamed patches on my face. Kim's chamomile spray calmed my red and inflamed skin and the moisturizer soothed it. I highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin or just wanting to hydrate with the most natural products on the market."  -Jenna
"I absolutely love this face cream! My face feels moisturized all day. My husband, who has never been one for moisturizer, tried mine and loves it so much that he ordered his own jar!" -Kerry
"I have been searching for years for a face cream I could trust, one that contained all natural ingredients and really worked. I have found that with Sweet Flower Organic face cream. It feels and smells wonderful. My skin has never been happier! Thank you Kim!" -Deb