My Obsession with Cold Processed Soapmaking

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“There was a time when a bar of soap was a most luxurious oddity. Soap might be sent cross-continent as a gift of goodwill from one influential party to another-just as jewels were sent earlier this century.” -Ann Bramson


As far as I can remember, I have always had an obsession with soap and scents. In fact, my bridesmaids, back in 1986, each received a basket filled with Crabtree & Evelyn soaps and potpourris. Fast forward to one year ago while walking through Ontario, Canada; I wandered into a local artists studio and was immediately drawn to the back of the room as the smell was amazing. It was there that I found a stand of beautifully rustic, handcrafted, cold processed soaps made by a local artisan who started making soaps for her child with skin allergies. I went home that day with several soaps and proceeded to try them out in the shower, and then another shower, and then found myself finding excuses to run into the bathroom to wash my hands just one more time, as the experience was amazing! I knew then that I really wanted to learn to make my own soaps. As soon as I got home I dove into infusing oils with herbs and flowers and experimenting with the whole process. What I’ve discovered along the way is that it’s the process of learning that I love the most. I relish the actual making of the soap and find myself getting lost in the creativity. There is something simple and old world about making cold processed soap that completely appeals to me: a simple list of ingredients that takes you back to a simpler way of life.


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